(10.28) Text I received from one of our Global Kids-Arkansas students yesterday.  Dope.



The kinda-trailer to the pre-trailer for the trailer of The Legacy Project...


(10.25) We didn't quire reach the goal, but amazing nonetheless.  (The last day did $4k alone.)  Thank all of ya'll who contributed in any type of way, whether financial or other.  Now, it's time to put this beast together.  Stay tuned...


the campaign ends saturday night (10.24).  2 days remain.  have you contributed yet?


Meet the Parents...


(9.27) The crowdfunding video for The Legacy Project.  Click it.  It's dope.


(9.24) It's been a long, long time in the making (3 years+), but it's time for I Am Not Them:  The Legacy Project.  It's a revolutionary interactive, app based album made to connect, highlight, and engage its users through storytelling.   The crowdfunding for it just laughed HERE.  Next level this thang....


Soooo....my TEDx Talk is officially up and live now.   I made mom dukes proud...


(8.3.15) The Source w/ the premier...


(8.2.15) Rakim's got that work too tho...


(7.24)  TEDx Success (Full speech at 1:06:30)

Full speech HERE at 1:06:30

Full speech HERE at 1:06:30


(7.23.15) In my life, I've had many dope opportunities I've been blessed with.  TEDx Talk is on deck next...  #IAmNotThem


They know what this is...  #FAM


(7.16.15)  But it's here though...

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DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: I’m sincerely happy that race relations are perfect in America. Given some of the blatant atrocities as of late that have placed black people at the butt of every cruel joke, I am warmed by your loving responses and happy that your belly chuckle is as hearty as ever. When valid complaints, inquiries, injuries, and anger are brought to the surface by darker hued crews in a non-appeasing manner, the excuses, wrath, diversions, and stupidity that ya’ll offer warm my spirit. (More pride and less listening has always been my code too.) Well, this song was birthed from that feeling. In Dear White People (and by “white people” I of course don’t mean ALL white people, but THEM white people) I’m giving you a lilac hued butterfly with wingtips kissed by unicorn sprinkles fluttering in a Maui spring breeze over a volcano. The joy of such awesomeness cannot be easily absorbed by the medulla, but luckily you will still catch it in the form of a feel good, sing-along hip-hop song, so everybody can continue to feel great while some issues are presented. We are black. We aren’t happy. Well...some junk pretty much sucks, but it is much more important that we cater to your contentment, so here you go. Oh, and please don't get rattled by the “twist” in the 3rd verse. Hope you enjoy. yay.


Soooooo...the Pre-EP was supposed to drop today (6/26) as well as some other good junk to be announced, but you know...nah.  Rather get it right, then get it rushed.  Rescheduling and updates soon, though.

I rolled down to the Dallas area again to team back up w/ Dwight Mathis (videographer and director of my video for "Balance") for another video.  Since the homey Sonja didn't make too much facetime in the previous video (aka "she got no love"  (my bad homey)), we invited her through again for this one.  Looking forward to ya'll being able to check it out soon...

Episode 2: "Why Not?":  Episode 2 of my I Am Not Them series is on deck.

Here's my made for TV description:  Follow Big Piph and crew as they embark on a mission to bring Global Kids-Arkansas to Little Rock to provide opportunities for youth in underserved communities. Random dough trickin and hijinks ensue....
Produced, Shot, & Edited by Kenneth Bell

Ever since my overseas tours and sabbatical in 2012, I've had a vision I've been working towards that connects with what I believe to be my larger purpose in life. However, I discovered that when I tend to talk about the ideas with most folks, their eyes either glaze over, they regret asking me about what I got moving, or they question what strains of herb I indulge in. As a result, I tend to chill off discussing that much. Anyway, this show was created not to show off or brag, but just to share some of my ideas, experiences, and quest with ya'll in a cool-like and entertaining fashion. With that said, we're premiering the show tomorrow and have a trailer for you later today. And lastly, shout out to my dude Kenneth Bell for producing, directing, and shooting it fueled by our shared mindset to challenge ourselves to forever make dope junk.  Check out the trailer below...


11.21.14 is Not Just a Show

Friday, November 21st. The squad, "Tomorrow Maybe", and I will be performing at The Ron Robinson Theatre for KNC.QNC Experience. More details and goods coming soon, but you can go head an insert that on your calendar now though... ‪#‎experienceKNC‬ ‪#‎experienceQNC‬ Tics on sale @ http://arkansassounds.org/




Performing, Hosting, and Other Shenanigans at The Rivertop Party at The Marriott (8.29)

Presenting, Performing, & Chillin at the 2014 (8.23) Neighborhood Awards



(l-r) Leah Benson, Trinity Smith, Casey Green, & Kiara West

Congrats to the first "class" of Global Kids Arkansas (GK-AR).  We've been working on it for a loooooong time, but it's finally happening.  Find out more info about the dope program HERE.

Xavier Vaughn, Deja Terrell, Sarah Johnson, & Tevin Garcia

I post this picture to highlight the girl in the center w/ the braids looking at the camera.  

When I travelled to Banjul, Gambia in 2012 with Ferocious she was a student at the final school of our trip.  After we finished up our session, in which the all female body at this exceptional school amazed us w/ their interest, vigor, and creativity; per custom, a few of the students were called upon to thank us for our time.  She was the 2nd one.  At first she was notable because she began stumbling over her words so badly and was so uncomfortable that it made us cringe and just want to excuse her from the exercise if that would been have been acceptable; but it wasn't, so Fero and I sat there and watched her sweat profusely and curl up inwardly as if she could disappear.  However, about half way into her "appreciation, her teacher commanded, "If you wanna act so shy, then say your poem!" to which this child initially went doe eyed and seemed resistant...but then launched into the most epic version of "Phenomenal Woman" that I've ever heard in my life.  This child not only began saying the words, but believing them with every powerful vocal inflection and body motion while simultaneously locking eyes on the recipients of HER words...the very same cats she was ashamed to speak to no more than 30 seconds ago.  When she finished, our shock increased as the child standing before us now was not the same person, but was indeed a phenomenal woman who spoke with a steady confidence telling us that our taking the time to come to a school few care about, work with her and her friends, and share our stories forever would impact her life.  It's hard to describe, but I've never felt so large and small at the same time, as this moment became the highlight of my trip, easily surpassing the 7,000+ stadium performance we had just 2 days prior.

I share this hella long post to say, never underestimate your power, works, and legacy's impact upon others near or far.  Somebody needs you even if you'll never meet.  That's the lesson I learned from Dr. Maya Angelou.  R.I.P.




Got that work.  Get at me...

(3.24) On Fox 16 speaking about Global Kids-Arkansas with Kye Masino of KYE-YAC

(3.24) On Fox 16 speaking about Global Kids-Arkansas with Kye Masino of KYE-YAC

IG clip from the LR Release show on 3.22 #untouchable #thecalm #tomorrowmaybe

It's here:  THE CALM (3.20)

New project. 7 songs. March 19th. Mush on...

TC BP.com test3.jpg



From my trip to Thailand in 2013, I donated part of my concert performance proceeds to get some supplies for students in this rural "at-risk" school. That gift was matched by other good folks to get the school their first tablets & computers along w/ the donations of clothes, shoes, books, and other equipment they get contributed periodically. They had the ceremony in December 2013 and the students put on a traditional Thai ceremony and shot me the pictures. Dope. (Even though I think they're throwing up signs in that one pic...)


2013 Performance in Bangkok, Thailand Centralworld Mall

Chang Mai Elephant.jpg



A few shots from the early 2012 Banjul, Gambia Teaching/Tour Expeditions w/ the homey Ferocious.  Salute to the Dept. of The State for bringing us and having a brotha headlining for 7,000 strong...

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